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Startup studio

We create and develop startups as founders


Car night vision system

The project is represented by a highly sensitive night vision camera of our own production, the signal from which is transmitted to an additional or standard car monitor. At night, the image can be projected onto the windshield.

Our participation in the project lasted about 2 years. During this time, we were able to structure our intellectual property portfolio and raise 10 million rubles. grant funding, reach agreements on pilot implementation in two large corporations. In 2020, as part of structuring an investment transaction with a found investor, we sold our share.


Robotic quadcopter for diagnosing power lines

The product of the project is a robotic complex, which is equipped with both flying and wheeled platforms at the same time. The robot takes off from a ground station, lands on power line wires and automatically travels from one substation to another, recording the condition of the wires.

Over the 3 years of our participation in the project, agreements on pilots were reached with Rosseti companies, Aamal Group from Saudi Arabia and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. More than 300 million rubles were raised. grant funding. In 2020, we sold a stake in preparation for a transaction with a strategic investor.

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